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How The Wish Works In Genshin Impact

It’s the video game that’s consuming at least thirty percent of my time back in November 2020, and still has the insane ability to keep me invested in the overall gaming experience. I would personally admit that Gacha games are new territory for a casual gamer like me, that’s too scared to try horror games, and has the absolute horrible luck with player vs player kind of niche. I’m certainly not a sound expert when I made this blog post. However, here I am, embarking on a piece of knowledge, and survival tips for anyone who is jumping into this game or is fleshing out their journey in the world of Teyvat.

I’ll be covering the basic things that I’ve seen some players would ask about often on the game, as well as linking you to the right forums, and official answers from Mihoyo’s social media.

To start things off, Genshin Impact is Mihoyo’s open-world game role-playing game that was released way back in October 2020. It has taken the world by storm with its in-depth story, unique characters, and interesting world setting together with the interactive puzzles you can solve on your own, and with the power of friendship (Co-op). Topping it all off, Genshin Impact is a Free to Play game that you can download from Mihoyo’s official website, to start your adventure.

That being said, while the game is very player-friendly, it’s gacha system proves to keep players on their toes to obtain their favorite characters or that god-tier weapon that would sail them through boss fights, domains, or even the Spiral Abyss. For the complete noob gamer like I was a few months back, you might be scratching your head, with how exactly the Gacha system works in Genshin Impact, as well as what aspects in the game are connected to the Random Number Generator (RNG) in the game.

In Genshin Impact, there two important things that mainly deal with the Gacha system which are the “Weapons” and the “Characters”, and a fixed algorithm where you could keep tabs of how close or far you are from getting the thing you wanted in the game.

First off the Gacha System is the Characters you could get through the “Wish System.” In Genshin Impact you can get them through Four Banners at the start of your journey. The first banner which is the Beginners’ Wish Banner, where you obtained ten Intertwined Fates to roll for the first ten items/characters.

This banner is available at the start of your journey. As a new traveler, you are given enough wishes for a full twenty pulls. From these, you are guaranteed at least one 4-star or higher character, including the featured character in the banner Noelle. I recalled not knowing how the pull system worked and ended up not wishing at all in the beginner banner, as I was too invested with the overall world, and story arc.

Fortunately for other novices out there like me, saving those precious wishes has its perks, for even the veterans of the game also go all-out to accumulate enough primogems to wish in these other banners that are limited to a certain period, and interchange in its weapons and characters.

Character Event Banners are the test of pure luck or patience for any Genshin Impact players. Every two to three weeks interval, Mihoyo would release one new five-star character, that would only be available for that banner and nowhere else. It’s the genuine eye-candy, and desire for most players to attain these limited playable S-tier characters. Most of the character event banners also contain three 4-star characters which you can also pull along every ten wishes.

Literally, after playing for some months, it’s the character event banner that truly shines as the most active when it comes to all four of the banners in the game. From my own experience, it’s the only banner I do focus my resources on the most. Since its release, Mihoyo has a total of six character event banners that were out for players.

The next banner on the list would be for players that are on a mission to boost the attack of their characters, through the weapons.

The Epitome Invocation is your one-stop banner for the weapon that would rake in your character’s strength through the game. In most cases, similar to the Character Event banner, the Epitome Invocation contains a 5-star weapon that is custom to match the 5-star event character. Or if you didn’t get your desired character, these godly weapons make your character shine. (Depending on the build.) To be honest, this is the banner I rarely pulled in, because my resources usually go all-in on the Character event banners.

If you’re a Free to Player, traveler, however, and feel the pressure of wanting a five-star but not having the luck, or the time to invest with the limited banners, fear not, for there are also the regular 5-star weapons, and characters, that you can still grab even after these other banners vanish.

Wanderlust Invocation features regular five-star weapons and characters that you can pull any time you have some primogems or wishes to spare. This banner comes with a chance to get awesome characters that you can still use to build your dream team.

The five-star weapons, such as the Skyward blade are also perfect for any characters you chose as your main damage dealer.

With all these talks about wishes, banners, and limited events. There are things to clarify so that you would maximize the grinding experience.

This one is for the limited event banners. Intertwined Fate is the go-to pull exchange you can use to wish for the event banners. And these do come rarely in the game. You can get these by leveling up, through certain quests and events, or rewards (whenever Mihoyo feels generous.)

Next, we got the Acquaint Fate which you can use for the normal banners like the Wanderlust Invocation and the Beginners’ Wish. Since the release of the recent Patch 1.2, every time you ascend a character, you get one Acquaint Fate as a reward.

If you happen to deplete your fates and you want to gun to wish for that next whooping character/weapon, Mihoyo does have a shop in the game where you can exchange Stardust, Starglitter, or Primogems for a wish.

For a quick tip, Primogems are your best friend.

These gems you can obtain through so many ways in the game, and one wish is equivalent to 160 primogems. So for a ten-pull, you’d need 1600 primogems. Before you start sweating and think that it is impossible to get that amount through the two-week event banners. It’s possible. Mihoyo usually rewards players of Primogems more frequently than wishes itself.

  • If there’s game maintenance, we get primogems.
  • If there’s an event, we get primogems.
  • Open a chest, primogems.
  • Do a quest, primogems.
  • Get hit by lightning in the game, primogems.

All the options are there, and before you know it, you’d have a lot of these gems to have at least a ten pull.

Adding these odds, we’ll tackle the last bit of how the banners work, which is, knowing the pity system of the game. Now, plenty of players still actually ask this question. How do you know if you hit your pity?

For new gamers, since the banners do have an RNG system, you really wouldn’t know what you’d get. Or do you? It’s been tried and tested in the past that a certain number of wishes would place you closer to your aspired character/weapon.

If your goal is to get the upcoming event character, or just hoping for a good weapon for your damage dealer. You can always count from your banner history, how close or far you are from your 5-star.

Here are the things you need to remember when pulling.

The pity of the Character Event Banner is 90. This one is tricky because I do know friends who get the event character before hitting 90 pulls. That said, if you keep pulling and nothing shows up, count your history. As other players say, you will hit a soft pity around your 75th pull and onwards. The thing is, it is still a 50/50 statistic rate. There are odds where you do get a five-star, but it’s not the event character. Don’t worry, this means you are guaranteed to get the event character afterward.

But what if I didn’t get a 5-star even after the banner ends? Then the pity moves to the next banner. Simple as that. It will only reset once you get that limited 5-star on the event banner.

Always take note of the characters/weapons you get on every ten pulls. Every ten pull contains a 4-star character/weapon. Use it to keep tabs on how close you are to your pity pull.

The pity and count are different on all banners. Don’t count the overall number of times you pulled on all banners. The pity count is different, so only counts one where you focus your primogems and wishes on.

Lastly, do single pulls when you hit your 75th pull onwards. This last bit has been a huge tip around the Genshin Impact community, but you can either follow it or ignore it. The whole system is usually the same result. Some say that doing single pulls after 75 on the character event banner gets you better results than doing ten pulls. Ultimately, this also depends if you want to cast your luck in one go, or whenever you accumulated enough for a single pull.

To wrap it all up, the wishing system in Genshin Impact has always been a topic of interest whether you are new to the game or not. It’s a flex point if you get an awesome pull, and no lie, it’s rather nice to gloat in your achievement of getting that 5-star after long days of grinding just to spend it all on wishes.

Work hard, play hard, as they say. I do hope this was helpful for you, traveler, and helped clarified some of the things about the banner and wishing system in the game. To learn more about the wish system of the game, go check out the official Wiki of Genshin Impact, right here on the link.

Also, comment down below on any topics you want to know more about this fun game. See you all next time!

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